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Software Pricing

Select the modules most suited to your company’s needs - only pay for the features you actually need!


Price per user/month

Training Record Management

With the robust Training Record Management System, you and your employees can upload training records and certificates, regardless of training provider. Once uploaded and approved, the integrated training matrix can automatically assign courses, while the system sends alerts and delivers scheduled reports to help your employees and managers ensure all training is up to date.


Classroom Calendar

Take control of your classroom-based training by managing it all online with our powerful calendar tool that can manage enrollment, payment, inventory, and equipment, as well as hundreds of instructors, classrooms, and courses across multiple locations.


Equipment Management


The Equipment Management module simplifies preventative maintenance by centrally storing the location, operational status, hours of operation, and maintenance history of each unit. When used with digital forms, key tasks can be automated, including triggering inspections, maintenance tickets, repair and service requests and more!

Learning Management


Our learning management solution is not only SCORM compliant, but enables virtual proctoring, in-course document uploads, digital form integration, and competency management, as well as builds, delivers, manages, and reports on multi-level, multi-course certification programs!

Digital Forms


The creation of online and offline digital forms, including inspections, hazard assessments, competency validations, and onboarding documents, is easy using checkboxes, drop-down menus, likert scales, text fields, and logic rules that can do many things, such as dynamically reveal form fields based on answers provided or add training to their account. When completing forms, respondents can upload images, videos, and files, and even provide a digital signature.

Digital Folders


Upload company policies, procedures, manuals, and more to a secure, cloud-based folder for easy online access. Next, grant folder access by employee, company role, and/or location. With the proper access, folder contents can be securely viewed and signed-off on by one, some, or all employees.

Learning & Compliance Software


By signing up for base-level access to our software, you get many great benefits including having access to our on-demand course library, rewards tracking system, driver compliance management feature, Excel reporting, and more!

* Base price per user/month is $0.50 with a minimum monthly fee of $350.00 (pricing subject to organization scope and size).

Fewer than 50 or more than 5,000 employees?

Contact us to discuss our small business or enterprise options. There is a one-time setup fee to create your custom portal. For more information, view our System Setup Fee Matrix here.

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Corporate Training Account

Just need to purchase and assign online training to your employees?


A Corporate Training Account provides you a portal that matches your branding and colors. The portal also allows you to effortlessly create accounts for your employees and assign safety training courses without purchasing seats ahead of time. The best part is you only pay for the courses that your employees complete.

Additional Tools

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Developer API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of communication protocols designed to allow systems to interact with and transfer data between one another.

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) means that users can access your training and compliance system by logging into your intranet, which verifies their identity. 


Virtual Proctoring

Our Virtual Proctoring technology enables you to remotely supervise the completion of company forms, online courses, and exams.

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Custom URL

Get rid of the confusion of a random URL and choose this brand-friendly feature to easily direct employees to your training and compliance system.

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Custom Branded Portal

We understand the importance of having a cohesive online presence. That's why we offer the option to create a fully customized training and compliance system portal, which includes your company logo, colors, fonts, and more!


Technical Support

We offer unlimited technical support to all system users so they get the most out of their learning experiences. Additionally, we provide onboarding specialists for new clients so vou can hit the ground running.

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Course Subscriptions

With our comprehensive subscription options, your team will receive all of the safety training they need without you having to shop around different vendors or websites.

Software Designed for Companies Who Care About Employee Safety

With HSE International software, you can select as many (or as few) system features as you’d like. If your training needs change in the future, you can easily add and remove features.


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