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Code of Conduct

As a certified diverse supplier, HSE International’s commitment to quality and integrity underlies everything we do for clients, our people, and our communities as we seek to build a safer workplace together.

Our Code of Conduct guides those efforts by clearly articulating the standards to which we all must hold ourselves, wherever we live and work. It is essential that each of us does our part to continue building a culture that aligns with our Code – a culture in which we are comfortable speaking up when something doesn’t feel right, in which we respond swiftly and effectively when others raise concerns, and in which we always deliver our very best effort without fail. Our path in building a better safety community starts with integrity, which must remain our constant guide along our journey.

The role of the Code

Our Code encompasses all of HSE International's principles of business conduct, which outlines the commitments that each of us make. It is based on our Shared Values below and reflects our core belief that, at HSE International, ethics and integrity are fundamental and not negotiable.

Our Shared Values



Outstanding value to markets and clients

Commitment to each other

Strength from cultural diversity


Acting in accordance with the Code is a responsibility for all the HSE International's team. Each of us is expected to know, understand and comply with the Code. We also have a responsibility to raise our voice when we become aware of anything that is inconsistent with it. There can be serious consequences for non-compliance with the Code or related HSE International policies, up to and including dismissal.

"The backbone of the Code is the principles of business conduct which describes the commitments that HSE International and its people make to stakeholders around the world – our clients, our people and the community in general. It is important to note that the commitments described in the Code are not set out as aspirations. They are the behaviours that our people, clients and other stakeholders can expect from HSE International every single day."

Structure of the Code

Delivering Outstanding Value

Serving Clients with Distinction

Be a Role Model for Positive Change



Diversity and fair treatment

Professional development and support



Professional behaviour



Fair business practices

Confidentiality and privacy


Responsible supply chain

Social responsibility

At HSE International, we take reports of misconduct seriously, conducting investigations where necessary, and addressing issues appropriately. Any retaliation against those who raise an ethical concerns in good faith is not tolerated. With strong firm leadership support and commitment, our Code and ethics program define the HSE International approach to building and sustaining a culture of ethics and integrity.

You can download the complete Code of Conduct here.

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