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Work Site Orientations

Effective site orientations give your new employees insight into your organization's culture, essential information on organizational policies and procedures, and a better understanding of their new role expectations. HSE International's innovative orientation software helps you keep workers engaged by embedding interactive questions and activities directly into the course.


You have the ability of uploading historical training certificates that automatically sends to a supervisor for approval, as well as a feature that allows employees to easily import all of their information and documentation. Finally, we integrated digital forms so new employees can complete their onboarding paperwork as they work through their orientation course. This entire process can then be virtually proctored, confirming that the right person completes the correct orientation, streamline the onboarding process and having everything completed before employee show up on site.

Move your orientation online in minutes!

Easily Build Your Own Online Orientation. With the HSE International's orientation and course building engine, you can make your course more dynamic with:

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AdobeStock_415839681 [Converted]_edited.png
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HTML5 Activities

You can even upload photos and videos of your work sites directly into your orientations using your mobile device.


Document Management Integration

Our integrated document management technology makes it possible for new hires to upload all of their required documentation directly into the course during their online orientation. Using simple drag-and-drop technology, employees can upload new hire forms, safety policy sign-offs, and any other required paperwork directly into their profile. After they upload their completed and signed documentation, it is moved directly into their secure profiles so supervisors or managers can access them upon completion of the orientation.

This simple feature not only saves a huge amount of administrative time, but it also streamlines the onboarding process and reduces paper waste.

How We Can Help

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Content Review

Quality content is what separates the good courses from the bad. Our experienced editors will help you improve your script by defining clear learning objectives, organizing the content for optimal learner retention, and clarifying the information to increase learner comprehension.

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Graphic Design

The look and feel of a course can elevate your orientation experience, as well as the image of your entire organization. Our graphic designers can create a visually stunning course that is clean, strong, and customized with your organization branding.

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Onsite Filming

Our on-site video services allows you to give new employees a glimpse of your organization before they begin working. Our crew will help you show them your locations, staff, and organizational culture, making new hires feel like part of the team from day one.


Exam Development

Testing is essential to ensure your new employees understand the organization's requirements for safety and ethics. Our team can help you write questions that test employees' knowledge and understanding of material.

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Professional Voice-over

The narrator's tone, pace, inflection, and emphasis can make the employee's learning process more enjoyable and memorable. Our vast pool of talented voice actors gives your course a professional edge at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own voice talent.

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Motion Graphics

Don't settle for a boring orientation. Our graphic designers and developers can help bring your course to life using motion graphics, illustrating your important topics and engaging the learners.

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Interactive Activities

Keeping your participant's attention and providing engaging content are the keys to a successful online course. Let our editors and developers help you create interactive activities that include your employees in the learning process.

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Supplemental Material

Every organization is different, which means that every orientation is different too. Whether you require digital onboarding forms or simply need a place for employees to take notes, we help you develop supplemental materials in a way that complements the course itself.


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