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Emergency Procedures Booklet Templates

Each template has been expertly developed to meet compliance with the relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Acts, OHS Regulations and OHS Standards both within Canada and the US.

Emergency procedures booklets (or flipcharts) are an effective way of referencing important contacts and actions to be taken in an emergency. Having clearly defined procedures to deal with emergencies that may occur in your workplace and making sure your workers are familiar with these procedures may save lives. These templates provide a quick reference for all workers in emergency situations where a quick and accurate response is critical. 

Each template contains 7 sections and have been specifically designed to meet each jurisdictions' requirements. These sections include the following;

Emergency phone numbers and warden contact information

Fire and smoke emergency procedures

Fire equipment selection chart and operation guide

Emergency evacuation procedure with customizable evacuation plan

Armed hold-up or personal threat guide and form

DRSABCD guide and basic incident report form

Internal emergency procedure

External emergency procedure

National emergency alert system information

Provincial, state and national emergency contact information

Bomb/suspect object checklist

You can purchase the templates by clicking on the button below.

Sample pages can be viewed in the HSEI Store


Providing an emergency procedure booklet for your workers will ensure everyone has access to the information they need when they need it. It will also provide a constant training tool and reminder of each process. 


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